Test R-CNN model using caffe and python

Following instructions from


First, need to download caffe R-CNN ImageNet model:

in caffe folder, run

 ./scripts/download_model_binary.py models/bvlc_reference_rcnn_ilsvrc13

Second, download selective_search_icv_with_python module and compile in MATLAB

Third, run with example image:

mkdir -p _temp
echo `pwd`/images/fish-bike.jpg > _temp/det_input.txt
python/detect.py --crop_mode=selective_search --pretrained_model=models/bvlc_reference_rcnn_ilsvrc13/bvlc_reference_rcnn_ilsvrc13.caffemodel --model_def=models/bvlc_reference_rcnn_ilsvrc13/deploy.prototxt --raw_scale=255 _temp/det_input.txt _temp/det_output.h5



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